My diary, your lantern

My diarynigracia is my lantern for you, kabayan.
My diarynigracia is my lantern for you, kabayan.


Lanterns are popular in many parts of the world and they are used for decorations during special occasions.

There are many beliefs about their origin and usage for which these are represented.  The most common of which must have something to do with the celebration and cultivation of  positive relationships between people, families, nature and the higher beings that were believed to be responsible for bringing the light.

Lanterns are often associated to bring good and positive entertainment and good fortune to people. When flown high above the ground, they represent the stars in the vast universe.

When I first came to Kuwait as an Overseas Filipino Worker, little did I know what was in store for me in this new and unfamiliar country. It was not always easy for me at the start but I was able to survive the trials and homesickness. When I started my blog, I wanted to be a light to others and for others who seem to have lost their way in this intricate place.

As a lantern, I sometimes get peeled, hurt and burned as I try to light the way of fellow kabayans. I sometimes think if it is even worth all the pain, frustration and judgment by others. But my advocacy to help as a blogger, as a FilCom leader here in Kuwait outweighs the pain so I still continue my work.

It has been awhile since I started diarynigracia and I am grateful to my readers for their continued support and for all who recognize my effort and hard work.


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