Catch That Story…part four

Our young man in the story, Job Sr.
Our young man in the story, Job Sr.

I have their pictures with dedications at the back. Unfortunately, I don’t have any copies of their correspondence or love letters. The words they wrote on the pictures are quite a revelation of sequence of events of their courtship and affections. Samples are:

1…..”Torpe, I heartily dedicate this picture to you as a sign of our friendship, Eternal (She was evidently teasing him as Torpe, meaning shy, and signing of as Eternal, her romantic code).

2…..”To Torpe, Eternal.” (Another teaser)

3…..”Mr. Engineer, Dear friend, Dedicated to you as a sign of friendship. Your friend, x Original, For your birthday, God be with you. (caption) x myself, 1. Cary 2. Alud.”

4…..”Mr. Engineer, Dear friend, If your friends are far from you, count us, as your dearest and sweetest of all. Agreed or Med & I.”

5…..”To You, With love, Eternal.” (These words are obviously sign of love.)

6…..”To dearest one, from Torpe” (Words of endearment already. Several pictures with these words.)

7…..”My love, Lest oblivion prevails. Eternal.” (Another sign of affection.)

The love of Job Sr.'s young life, Ester.
The love of Job Sr.’s young life, Ester.

His birthday was November 12th. In November of 1930, they were not yet engaged, as above items 3 and 4 reveal “Dear friend…..For your birthday….” “Dear Friend” is not an intimate word. The latter items 5, 6 & 7 above reveal more intimate words, like love and dearest. They became engaged or made some sort of commitment to each other towards their graduation days, in 1931; she from high school in the province, and he, from the university in Manila.

–to be continued…








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