UAE Exchange Kuwait partners with Gulf Air this Holiday Season

Mr.Pancily Varkey, Country Head, UAE Exchange-Kuwait Operations receiving the signed agreement from Mr. Ahmed Al Matrook, Gulf Air’s Country Manager, Kuwait.

 Every Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) like myself, is looking forward to coming home to his family and friends in the Philippines, most especially if it is in glad tidings. My recent unplanned, unexpected home coming was most probably the superlative degree that may describe the word “rush”. It was not an easy situation to look for flights and book them from Kuwait to Manila because it is the peak season for travelers.

Simultaneously looking for the best deals on flights, I was also quite busy shuttling from my place to the Philippine Embassy to accomplish all the necessary requirements for my travel home.

I am just very glad that there was still an available seat for a connecting Gulf Air flight from Bahrain to Manila. The more than 9 hours flight was a pleasant experience because of the accommodations and friendly flight attendants.

What better way to experience flying home with Gulf Air is through their recent partnership with UAExchange Kuwait offering discounted rates for customers this Holiday Season visit and or for clients in Kuwait, you can book your flight with Gulf Air please contact the Gulf Air Kuwait Sales Office (Tel:22243867 or 22243868).


6 thoughts on “UAE Exchange Kuwait partners with Gulf Air this Holiday Season

  1. romsalvar says:

    This reminded me of my vacation last December 2011. That’s why, I ask my employer to set my next vacation on different month and not on December again. hehe.
    well, good for you to avail such offer. Have a happy trip in advanced. 🙂

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