“Here Comes the Boom”, a movie review

Kevin James portrays the character of Scott Voss, a Biology teacher who saves the high school from closure due to financial problems.

Two good friends and I recently watched the movie “Here comes the Boom”, a sports-comedy type of film recommended for the whole family. Viewers can easily relate to the film most especially those in their 40s who experience some life crisis,boredom, feeling that they are a boat adrift at sea, still uncertain about other things, and for musically-inclined people who will do anything to keep music alive.

Expatriates will also find the movie interesting because of some issues concerning immigration and life as an immigrant in another country. The cozy scenes between Scott Voss and Bella Flores, portrayed by actress Salma Hayek, add pink to the movie.

Overall, Here comes the Boom is about going beyond and above adversities in life with a positive attitude and fortitude. I would recommend it for others to see.

(photo credit to http://www.mormonmovieguy.com/2012/10/in-theatres-here-comes-boom.html)


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