OFW in Kuwait News: Four Filipinos Suspected and Arrested for Drug Use and Trade


OFW in Kuwait News:

Four Filipinos suspected and arrested for drug use and trade


And here is my point…

God has been observing a trend  of our daily life. He always engages continuously wherever we are and He will not tolerate such illegal activities by  His people.

While these  actions are extremely troubling, we are still hoping that  this may not be representative of the high moral and ethical standards of the vast majority of the  OFW.

Either that or they neglect their sworn duties and responsibilities to care for the welfare of their fellow OFWs…outlawing is naturally a major waste of time. Just think about how much time and money are spent on managing these things. Consider the amount of money that is spent instead of helping, donating or saving a least. It seems to be nothing for now but soon it will be beneficial. However, there is one problem that stands in the way. This is simply the close-mindedness, the neurologically compromised thinking and not opening ourselves from our Creator’s gift.  The thing is we should be more interested in improving our own life as well as the lives of our fellowmen.

This point of view expressed herein are from author’s independent review and not intended to give  any misinterpretation to the subject.

News credited to Al-Wattan


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