Thanks for the Special Award Received

Dear Diary, 
I write to express my thoughts and opinions so I blog to say it and be heard from my soul and heart with love as a purpose and I know you knew it from the very beginning. 
This is something to help people. A tool to expand  my self and other people too. To make a difference in my own  way and to release a good feelings inside of me. 
And I consider this as connection to the world by sharing stories, photos, recorded interviewand more. 
I’m passionate about my writing and I’m in love with it.
Blogging makes me feel I’m not alone, it really makes me feel warm inside as long as I gave breath to other people.  I know I may not create a village but I feel the sense of being in a community that will take a long way. 
I’m very much thankful to prestigious  Philippines Expat Blog Award  PEBA, as  2011’s Award’s Recipient to  take the center stage and be honored to this awarding event, which was held only yesterday December 9, 2011 at Philippines. 
This give me a clear picture of my direction to where I’m heading now.  It allows me to focus more on the most important aspect and learning. This inspired me to help more  and continue the community I’m building and leave a fortune on them. 
I feel so grateful to have been chosen as a recipient of this award. I Thank God, my family, good friends,groups,   my OFW Forums and supporters and  those who so generously made this possible. Through this award, I am well on my way to achieving more my goals and dreams with inspiration.   


8 thoughts on “Thanks for the Special Award Received

  1. Rowena Wendy Lei says:

    Congratulations and more power to your blogging! I agree, blogging lets you share and express yourself so you don't feel isolated. 🙂

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