Entry # 13

Me and my Diary Contest!
In celebration of ”My Serendipitous Day”

Entry #13 Vivian Aguilar

Eversince I was in high school, I have always been fond of keeping a diary. Now, that I am a busy working mom to 3 girls, I still keep a diary and as much as possible, keep it updated. I write on it everytime I have free time. I maintain a very handy notebook which  acts as my “scratch diary”. I write everything on that notebook – my thoughts, things to do, things to buy, “gastos” for the day and reminders which I would later on transfer to my real diary. In most cases, I first write a draft on any kind of paper of what transpired during the day and it is only when I have free time that I get to transfer everything on my diary.      

A. Describe your diaryMy present diary is a Starbucks Metal Diary which I won from a blog contest. I keep it inside my office drawer and try to keep it updated every Friday when I spend an hour of “me” time inside a coffee shop.  I do that during my one-hour lunch break.

I use 4 colored pens (violet, light blue, green and pink) when I write on my diary (well, I even borrowed some colored pens from my daughters). I even bought some “smiley face” and cute glitter stickers to paste on my diary.

My diaries before this were also prize winnings from contests and some were gifts from friends.
B. What is your ideal diary design?Before I won this diary I have right now, I was planning to buy a simple diary with just blank or lined pages.  I was particularly looking for a dairy with “no compartments” so to speak, just plenty of space to write on, scribble on or draw on.

I like my diary to have a vintage feminine design with cream colored pages. I don’t want a heavy diary. I want a diary that’s easy to look at, very light but it doesn’t have to be small or handy. I still want to have that “diary” feel to it, something that you can keep inside your bedroom drawer.             

C. Does your diary help you?Writing on my diary keeps my sanity in check. I love to pour out all my emotions in words and my diary helps me do that. It teaches me how to deal with my emotions.

Whenever I go back and read all about my happenings, musings, ramblings I have written on my diary, it brings back a lot of memories. Writing on my diary is a great stress-reliever for me.


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