What you love about Max’s Restaurant

There's nothing that excites me more than this tummy eye's view
Max’s Restaurant in Kuwait; There’s nothing that excites me more than loving these food

What you love about Max’s Restaurant

A Restaurant in Kuwait food Review


Kuwait literally a foodie country with wide array of fine dining restaurants

With a variety of all sorts of cuisines from all over the world, you will notice here there seems shortage of Filipino restaurants with fine dining space.  We have not that huge population of Filipinos residing here in Kuwait. If you ask me, the Oriental cuisine has a very close taste profile as our Filipino cuisine with lot or spices to include.


Thankful, Max Restaurant in Kuwait is near to us along Salmiya, Kuwait only.


A group of 6 food lovers and bloggers together to have dinner at Max’s Restaurant in Kuwait on a weekend night. We dined to celebrate our gathering, we went there for dinner and were so much surprised that all the restaurant is full almost! We are lucky enough still to have available table good for us.


Max's Restaurant in Kuwait; Max's Fried Chicken, French fries, with Chicken Velveteen soup.
Max’s Restaurant in Kuwait; Max’s Fried Chicken, French fries, with Chicken Velveteen soup.


Max’s Restaurant in Kuwait; My Ultimate favorite Sinigang na Hipon


Max’s never failed us to love the food and its ambiance, feel mo na “Parang ‘Pinas lang! Ang homie pati ng food.”


A quick browse on the menu and we were surprised that the dishes have just a good price equal to the food we order, we were somehow thinking that it may be pricey because the size may be not equal but looking at another table, that doesn’t seem to be the issue.  We started our meal with eye-popping appetizers, finger food. Normally served as a group. Serving was big that it was enough for all 6 of us. I got to say that the level of spices was good for all nationalities as well.  That time, I was really craving for their plates of seafood “Sinigang na Hipon, Sinigang Tiyan ng Bangus, Sinigang na Salmon a tamarind-flavored broth with black tiger prawns, kangkong, string beans, radish, eggplant, and okra.  Fried Boneless Bangus, and Sauteed Mussels since we left our home country and this one surely hits our heart.


Max’s Restaurant in Kuwait http://kabayaninkuwait.com/best-of-maxs-restaurant-in-kuwait/


Max’s Restaurant in Kuwait is located at !st Floor, Centerpoint Building – Salem Al Mubarak Street, Salmiya, Kuwait Telephone number 2575 0647


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