Turning a Fifty Thousand Pesos to a Million

Posible ba?

Being a registered financial planner and investment advocate, I get a lot of questions from my fellow OFWs if they can actually grow a small amount into hundreds of thousands, or even millions. The answer is definitely yes! Pero siyempre of course, need na mag-effort ka and alam naman natin kahit saang bagay iyan lalo na if we really want na ma double ito or mag average to 1,000%.


Actually, even as a registered financial planner I cannot recommend exactly what investment is appropriate to whoever asks, why… kasi every human being has a different appetite, different philosophy in life and different beliefs till I am not really close – close talaga sa tao that I can gauge easily what is his/ her overall factors in engaging this subject. However, not all of them are brave enough to take the risk – which is definitely understandable. Investment may appear intimidating, especially if you don’t have enough background about it.

Most people think that investment means you need put your money into something and wait until it grows, but that’s not always the case. You can also invest your hard-earned money into yourself. Yes, you can actually make your money grow on your own! Here are some people na mostly kilala ko and they made their investment to at least not more than the 1,000% return of Income.


Kabayan 1

An OFW and a blogger for more than years already, and he did make it as a profession na. He put up his own portal and studied as hard as he can to be knowledgeable enough.

Today, he earns 50,000php to 100,000php +++ a month just through ads! Not only did he use his money as an investment, but he also dedicated a lot of time and effort. Sobrang hirap pero kinaya naman niya, pagsabayin ang work and his dream… now his presence in the market is very well known.


Kabayan 2

I met her a few years ago, at a community event.  She’s a full-time mom, who was looking for an additional income because she wanted to have funds for her retirement.  Her passion is cooking and baking. At first, she only liked to watch it on the internet but later on, decided to be inspired by these people.


She had the skills in her, and her family and friends clearly saw that. She began selling products to neighbors, friends, relatives and had more customer. Moreover, she became an inspiration to a lot of housewives, OFW  and later on started her own restaurant.


Kabayan 3

An architect by profession, but photographer by passion. He traveled to a foreign land with nothing in his hands. He took a risk and decided to study photographer and invested into materials he would need while working as OFW. I really saw his hardship and sobrang pagiging masipag.

At first, he started by taking photos of his friends for free. Until one day, a lot of people discovered his talent and hired him for different occasions. Nowadays, he’s already making more than a million! He just simple believes “We cannot be forever OFW” at dapat makapag –save tayo for future business in line sa passion natin.


You also need to invest yourself in it and be passionate enough to reach your dreams.

Kabayan 4

This friend of mine always had a thing for Philippine Stock Market  pero  he is the type of person na “there is no room for complacency “ baga ‘di lang ako pang habambuhay na ganito… OFW so he decided to enter the stock market. He met a lot of Filipino traders, who became his inspiration. He took online classes and seminars to fully understand the concept of trading.

When he finally tried trading, he immediately got the hang of it and earned more money. Take note that he STUDY harder to achieve where he is right now. Sa ngayon trend follow stock na lamang siya sa Philippine Stock Market at daily trader na siya ngayon ng US Stock Market.


Kabayan 5

She was my fellow member of an old Filipino community and was very hard working at that. I wasn’t even surprised when she became a top earner in her own industry. She also had the desire to lead and be a guide for those who want to be successful in the same industry.

She built her own community and encouraged passionate ones to become a member. Now, her community has over a hundred members already and she’s able to earn more than enough with good people with a good life. She now helps other people to build their own million as well.


One thing that all these people have in common is perseverance. They didn’t take no for an answer and looked for other ways when a door closes. They didn’t have this Crab Mentality but rather improved themselves so they can more even better.


I learned in this life as OFW, if you want to be as successful, there are three lessons that we should remember by heart: be passionate, have the willingness to learn, and don’t forget to pay it forward because it greatly means LOVE.

As we observed here, investment doesn’t only require money. You also need to invest yourself in it and be passionate enough to reach your dreams. I know I am never enough to share this inspiration but my prayers are with you that someday somehow we will see each other with a passion for sharing the same advocacy – pay it forward.


How about you po? What’s your passion?


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