Kuwait has many roads and highways to get to your destination. My years of stay in this rich coastal state has made me familiar to many of these roads and highways.

  This is true; not all the people surrounding us are easy to get along with. There will always be someone, or a few who are difficult to deal with, to handle. He can be a family member, someone at…

Since the day I have chosen my advocacy to be of assistance to fellow Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) here in Kuwait, I have been receiving quite a serious number of marital problems from fellow OFWs, seeking solution and needing understanding.

Hello February…the Love Month! I hope to start with a review of The Best of Me (film 2014). It mainly stars James Marsden as Dawson Cole and Michelle Monaghan as Amanda Collier.

Fireproof is a movie produced in 2008 by the same team that gave us Facing the Giants. However, this movie is a love story about a married couple who are in the brink of divorce and falling out of love.