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Dear Diary,

2011 went very well and was so grateful. Moreover, I was especially pleased to see that my blogging career accomplished its goals. Receiving different nominee categories in Blog competitions and winning Best in Advocacy Award from Philippines Expat Blog Award 2011 PEBA, I felt that God handed me a key to discovering serendipitous life and He has been so very generous to me. I also want to thank good friends and family for giving support in my projects and helping me to stay on track and target. Without their willingness and initiative in spite of some resistance in this field, I cannot achieve my goal.

I know that successes like these are not automatic and are the result of planning, hard work, study, and sacrifice. The success of “Me and My Diary Contest 2011” will not be possible without the earnest support of family and good friends. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

On behalf of workabroad in their OFW forum, I would like to give appreciation for recognizing my presence and awarded me as “Guru/Moderator” of the forum. I will surely give more valuable assistance to all our aspiring OFW.

Everything was well worth of my time and investment.


My Great 2012

My career is continually guided by the motto “dream, inspire and believe,” developed as an inspiration for my Kabayans here in Kuwait.

Project Coordinator for the Success of Oplan Habagat sa Bayan ni Juan Project

Founder/ President of Filipino Bloggers in Kuwait

Please read here my best year-end report.

My success story of receiving  two prestigious  awards in the Philippines /the-best-of-diarynigracia-year-end-report-for-2012/

The How

OBRA 2012

Speech from OBRA 2012

Migration Advocacy Award Speech

To Thank You


My Awesome 2013 and 2014

All of us need to pause, reflect and slow down a bit to eventually get back into pace in due time. It was the most appropriate phase for me to prepare, compile and write my very first book – The Global Filipino Bloggers Slam book – OFW Edition. It was an opportune time as well to assist fellow OFWs who needed advice, assistance or simply someone to lend them a listening ear.


My Serendipity 2015

Blessings…new doors opening. And my blogs will tell you why. I hope that I inspire someone today. Enjoy reading.

Why I wrote the GFB OFW Book

Reasons to buy the book

Grateful to all blogger contributors

Hopeful Book Project

The  book


My Blessed 2016

Another book was conceived thru Partnership of Philippine Embassy, About Kuwait. 

Stock Trader / Analyst. I’ve gained knowledge and experience that I feel burdened to share so that you don’t repeat my mistakes. All are pure experience in Stock Market floor, Daily Traders (tsupitero) and Stockbrokers.  I don’t profess to be an expert, especially on stock and in its volatile world,  but I do enjoy sharing what I’ve learned about Stock investment on how to tame and be wise investor on a budget  in the hopes that my own personal experience may benefit you.

I graduated Registered Financial Planner of the Philippines, Batch 58

The Registered Financial Planner of the Philippines Graduate

Become License Financial Advisor, been stumbling  across the great world of personal finance mentors  and idea sharing (this blog will get started on 1st quarter of 2017), randomly turned this into my full time “advocacy” a few short months later,  It’s been an incredible journey to say the least.

Guest speaker for an Investment Outlook an Investment and business  Expo. I give talk how financial markets and the economy follow historical patterns and shows you how to recognize and understand trends and gain during this years.

Guest Speaker for Investment Outlook Last Quarter 2016

Year-end post

My goal with this blog is to get people to stop and *pay attention* to their investments. Especially my co-OFW.  No worry you won’t find any long in-depth instruction manuals or anything else that will bore my reader to death here, as I really want this to be a learning place to share and interact with each other.



My New Commitment


My new advocacy is invite more OFW to improve everyday lives by helping them, spend less time worrying about their finances
and more time enjoying their lives and family.

A new place called HOME for my fellow OFW who are up to Investment.


Please Join My Journey

Please Join me on a journey toward financial freedom; to a place where wisdom, not perfection and not becoming rich instantly, is the goal. If you’re not sure where to start, check out here which is packed full investment tips to keep your finances top of mind. Not only is it totally free.

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