OFW and Investment Advocate

OFW and Investment Advocacy
The Awarding Ceremony; Certificate is given by Mr. Efren Reyes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer – Personal Finance Advisers Philippine Corporation and Best Selling Author. REGISTERED FINANCIAL PLANNER OF THE PHILIPPINES, Philippine Stock Exchange, Tecktite Ortigas. “Why does God provide an accumulation of wealth? So His people can exercise the spiritual gift of giving,” – Larry Burkett on 2 Corinthians 9:11



OFW and Investment Advocate


Gracia Amor Advocacy


I know how hard it is to balance our financial responsibilities, especially as a breadwinner and a family woman, after completing the process of a financial meltdown, my heartbeat goes for investment Advocacy.


All of us want to be able to pay our bills, save for the future (including child’s future)  travel, all without being stressed about money.

But some of us are not sure how to do it, when, where and doesn’t know where to get direct answers to specific questions unbiased and sometimes IMPOSSIBLE for FREE.


And this is the reason why I started adding to my advocacy  “Investment advocacy”  to give focus on topic OFW market outlook, appropriate investment, review, and analysis. Beginning stock market lessons. Topics that will layout specific action steps needed to get there where in actually this will serve as record for myself.


My mission here is to set your investment and target which you think fair enough we can say to ourselves in future, we are ready for good. I will be helping to identify the most the least I could say efficient ways for us (yes, including me…).

“Command those who are rich. . . to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share” (1 Timothy 6:17-18).

We have lots of hayss, we have a lot of wants for our family now, and we have a lot (as in many to mentioned) what we want to do in the future.

Hoping together  we can find the right balance towards those future goals “Habang may tulo pa ang gripo.”, as the old saying goes.


What will be our topic?


Any topics that are on the table for OFW.


But here’s a quick list of possible helpful topics I could share;

  1. OFW Investments
  2. Lessons in Stock Market
  3. Investing while enjoying ourselves now
  4. Creating Investment and savings plan for building the emergency fund, buying a house,  travel abroad, child’s education and retirement.
  5. Helpful structure of loan payments
  6. Single + creating additional income
  7. Estate planning and wills
  8. Evaluating your need for insurance and disability
  9. Healthy OFW, Healthy food, Healthy Lifestyle – Budget Meals and Time
  10. Healthy Budget


If you’d like financial guidance from a CERTIFIED REGISTERED FINANCIAL PLANNER and a STOCK MARKET PROFESSIONAL  or any questions, please email me at diarynigracia at gmail (dot) com.

Our greatest abundance are just ahead.

More about Gracia Amor click   here

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