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Diary ni Gracia Bloggers Slambook
Bloggers Slambook


Dear Blogger,

My  slambook is dedicated to serve as an inspiration to all great Filipino Bloggers and to those who wish to to enter a blogger’s job.

This is a short documentary of Bloggers life, focusing on his starting career  and passion for blogging.  Here, I’m not aiming for only top bloggers to sign up. This is for all bloggers. And your response will answer the question, “What is a Blogger?”.

This new Technology Century movement influences almost every corner of our life now. As a result, much of time is spent exploring two-lane highways and back roads of Blogging on a never ending quest to a roadside treasure of  Bloggers’ tool.

The great thing about the ‘proliferation’ of blogs now is that we can always find good inspiration while browsing and reading about bloggers. This Slambook shows an opportunity to ask who are you and who you are as a blogger. Some don’t need to be famous to have an amazing look of design but can leave to one’s heart, an inspiration  that will bring them a new threshold in life.

The Great Filipino Bloggers Slambook is  now  open for sign-up and will give you free exposure in different groups and linkings. And if luckily chosen by our Editor/Reviewer, your slambook will be included in our book/magazine  publishing for a cause.

For those who signed up already, kindly wait for your turn because everyday or the day after, there will be a Blogger  to be posted and you will be tagged and informed. We are sorry that this was delayed due to reviews and on-going planning for this project as a book.

Many thanks for your interest and participation in this ongoing  project  and print in publishing and for appreciating  “The Great Filipino Bloggers Slambook”.

There is so much gratitude for you here and I’m grateful to you all for your continuing support and enthusiasm – thank you!

So sign- up NOW and enjoy being an inspiration today of someone’s life. 


Proverbs 11:30
The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise.

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49 thoughts on “An Invitation to a Blogger

  1. i am not yet a blogger… in a blogsphere. i want to be prepared enough to enter this world, a different dimension of my usual world. but i swear, after doing all the assignments and ready to report in front of the class, anything you ask, any queries on my reports and presentation in front of the class, since i did my homeworks and the presentation, i can answer them all. see you soon in the blogsphere, miss gracia. 🙂

  2. This is really a nice idea. I’ve been reading your slambook’s featured bloggers and I’m actually quite interested to sign up. Was just too shy before. Hahaha.. I think I’ll do sign up na talaga this time.. 🙂

  3. Grab this opportunity my fellow Filipino bloggers. Let the world know that you’ve existed as a blogger, that you’re a unique person who has something to be proud of. Be on yourself. Express yourself. In the long run, you’re already influencing others to be good and exemplary like you.

  4. This is a great avenue for new and old bloggers. Not only for sharing thoughts and ideas but I believe this will bring us to one place called “The BLOGOSPHERE World”.


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