About the 8th Middle East Regional Conference – MERC


PSME: United in the Enhancement of Professional Growth Towards Global Competitiveness

About the 8th Middle East Regional Conference  MERC

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During the culmination of 7th MERC in Bahrain last year 2016, two (2) delegates from PSME – Kuwait  Engr. Jonathan M. Po and Engr. Jeremias C. Lopez unanimously accepted the nomination that the forthcoming 8th MERC would be hosted by the Kuwait Chapter.

Through its wide relations efforts, PSME projects made a powerful voice advocating the interests of the Mechanical engineering professions along with public outreach activities demonstrate the positive impact engineering has on everyday lives.

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With the guidance of the PSEM –National Officers and the full support extended by all other Middle East Chapters ( UAE, Bahrain, Yanbu and Rabigh, CRSA, Jeddah, Oman, and Qatar) and above all, with the blessings of God Almighty, this 8th PSME – Middle East Regional Conference becomes a reality. 

Continuing Professional Competency.A good investment. 


It is one of the main advocacy of PSME  to support mandatory continuing professional competency for licensed Professional Mechanical Engineers.

With the continuing rapid expansion of knowledge required to practice in the basic, as well as the many specialized areas of engineering, PSME  believes that added knowledge, but not limited to formal academic education, beyond the degree should be required to meet the formal preparation necessary for the practice of licensed professional engineering.


During the Conference Engr. Leandro A. Conti, IPP, PSME National

said ASEAN had established Mutual Recognition Arrangements MRAs on eight professional services. MRA assessed the eight professional services and had emphasized: First – its regional and national implementation; Second – its national regulatory changes; and Third – implementation of its frameworks and actual movement of professionals. Though the pace of its assessment and registration was quite slow, still various leaders of the community have been very optimistic that these activities including harmonization of codes and its practices will soon be rationalized and c


ross bordering will soon be realized shortly.

Therefore, PSME supports the concept of engineering continuing education and professional development or coursework aside from formal education in an engineering discipline.


PSME strongly supports comity in supporting those who wanted to get Mechanical engineering license examination and pass. To promote and encourages to join the Society of Mechanical Engineers. – Diarynigracia.com

My warmest greetings to the Philippines Society of Mechanical Engineers PSME Middle EASt Chapters as they hold thier 8th Middle East Regional Conference in the State of Kuwait. – Rodrigo Roa Duterte President of the Philippines


Mabuhay ang PSME - Middle EASt Chapter! Mabuhay ang migranteng Filipino! SILVESTRE H. BELLO III Secretary
You play a very important role in the pursuit of industrial advancement, and I look forward to your sharing of skills when you finally reintegrate in our country. Mabuhay ang PSME – Middle EASt Chapter! Mabuhay ang migranteng Filipino! SILVESTRE H. BELLO III Secretary
Congratulations to all the men and women that is headed by our Conference Chairman Engr. Jonathan Po for making this Conference reaching a new milestone. Congratulations to all our delegates! United for freedom. United for brotherhood. -Engr. Jaime Jajay E. Cruz, PME President – PSME National
This gathering will also be an opportunity for you to renew old bonds and meet new friends. Through your continuous collaboration in the aftermath of this affair, you will make your society stronger and contribute more to society. It is through your continuous camaraderie also that you will truly be uited to achieve the objective of this fellowship as stated in your theme. Mabuhay! Alejandro Astudillo Padaen Labor Attache, POLO-OWWA Kuwait
1st Day Host MS. MJ BUSCADO NOLASCO with ENGR. JC LOPEZ Please Subscribe to her Vlog of https://youtu.be/7mswXTJD2Xs

I commend all Filpino engineers overseas for bringing pride and honor to our country. Their excellence, integrity and dedication results in the overall success of their respective companies inn the Middle EASt and in the quality of lives of

their families.

– Rodrigo Roa Duterte
Presidnet of the Philippines


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